To learn the steps of using Fantastico, click here :

To change your control panel style, click here :

1. Log in to your control panel, scroll down to the Files section and click on the ‘Webdisk’ icon.     2. Web Disk allows you to easily drag and drop files from your computer to your hosting account, just as if it were part of your home computer. You can also navigate through the […]

1. Log in to your control panel, scroll down to the mail section and click on ‘Email Trace’. This is where you can test any email address by tracing its route from this server. This tool is helpful if you’re having difficulty sending an email to a specific address, you can check to see where […]

1. Log in to your control panel, or you can actually log in to your webmail without first login to your control panel. To do that, simply type the following into your browser: where is to be replaced with your actual domain name. 2. In this tutorial, we will access webmail from within […]

Log in to your control panel and familiarize ourselves with control panel and learn how to navigate its various pages. 1. The first thing you should do in control panel is to update your contact information. You can do that by clicking on the ‘Update Contact Info’ icon under the Preferences section.   2. From […]

1. Log in to your Contro Panel, scroll down to the Advance section and click on the ‘Index Manager’ icon.   2. The Index Manager enables you to control how directories on your website are displayed. If there is no index.html in a given directory, the content of that directory will be displayed in a […]

1. Log in to your control panel, scroll down to the Logs section, and click on the ‘Raw Access Logs’ icon.     2. This is where you tell the system how to manage the Raw Log files that are generated daily for your account. You can tell the system to archive logs every month […]

To Add-on new domain: 1. Login into your cpanel ( 2. Click on ‘Add on Domain’. 3. Fill in the details accordingly as shown in the photo.

Parked domains are often used by businesses that want to have more than one web address for advertising purposes. Parked domains are additional domains hosted on your account which display the same website as your primary domain and share web statistics as well; however, you can give the parked domain its own email boxes. For […]